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ISO 9001 is based on a number of quality management principles, including strong customer orientation, management motivation and commitment, process approach and continuous improvement.

This is the reason why today we have decided to integrate Quality and Environment at the level of the management of the company. This results in the establishment of a Quality and Environmental management system with its management tools allowing us to enter into a process of continuous improvement.

This will be based on responsibility, the search for quality and the protection of the environment at all levels of our organization. This policy is available to the public and other interested parties and we are committed to periodically reviewing our objectives and our continuous improvement program.


Iso14001 is the name of a standard which concerns environmental management and whose characteristics are suitable for reassuring consumers concerned about the environment. It is an integral part of organizational standards and the ISO or International Organization for Standardization is the creator body.

As part of our recycling activities, environmental management and the prevention of any pollution are the challenges that our company Brami Superalliages has decided to take up by committing to ISO14001 certification.

Our orientations are as follows:


  • Valorize and recycle all recyclable materials managed by the company as part of the circular economy,

  • Control and eliminate the impact of our activities on the ground, storage of recyclable materials in covered and protected warehouses,

  • Monitor and control our consumption of raw materials and energy,

  • Meet regulatory requirements, and other quality requirements,

  • Develop our position in the circular economy activity and participate to the reduction of CO2 emission.

All the members of our company are ready to get involved and to participate actively in this process of QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT.

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