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Brami Superalliages, your industrial partner for the 21st century


Brami Superalliages specializes in the recycling of metallic materials for foundry and steelworks applications.

If our customers are demanding on the quality of the services that we owe them or of the products that we deliver to them, it is out of necessity to adapt to a rapidly changing world where responsiveness must be essential. We have always tried to apply this spirit in order to be recognized as a good service provider in our businesses.

For the sake of development and service for our customers, thanks to our experience, we, Brami Superalliages must be at the forefront in the following areas:


  • Technical and quality guarantee;

  • Diversity of the offer;

  • Reactivity

  • Competitiveness.

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Charles BRAMI

Charles Brami
founder of our company

Brami Superalloys was founded
over 60 years ago by Mr. Charles Brami.

He was a pioneer in his field: the recycling and recovery of waste metals and special alloys.

During his long career, he passed on his human values and professional expertise to those close to him and to the entire team.

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The traceability of waste is ensured from their reception to their dispatch using an intranet system, documented by computer with receipts, tracking sheets, specific sorting reports for each batch and thanks to the follow-up of the technical managers. The company also has ISO 14001 environmental certification. 

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The most modern techniques allow a control of the traceability and a high quality of the materials supplied by Brami Superalliages.
The rigor of the company is recognized today by an international clientele. Indeed, Brami Superalliages is an approved supplier to the main global consumers.

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Coming from the aeronautical industries, the waste of metals and special alloys follow during their preparation a systematic process of sorting, according to established procedures, in order to be in conformity with the customer specifications and the requirements of the ISO 9001 & 140001 standard.

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We respect the highest quality standards in the industry, and only work with the best manufacturers on the market. As a benchmark metal supplier, we never sacrifice the quality of our products, which comply with strict regulations. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. However, in the event of any dissatisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact us: we will do our best to help you.

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